Hutchison Resident: I Feel More and More in Harmony With My Hasidic Neighbours

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The note below appeared on Friends of Hutchison Street’s facebook page last week. We are happy to post it not only to encourage positive dialogue and interaction, but also to counter the gratuitous criticism and constant attack on the part of an infamous blogger, his friends, and a certain Outremont councilor.

Yes, there are issues like noise, children, school buses, and so on. We live in a densely populated inner-city environment and the Hassidic community is young, vibrant and bustling. But only when we learn to communicate with each other directly and respectfully can issues be resolved. It is also worth mentioning, as some have pointed out, that the presence of the Hassidim creates a strong family-oriented environment, which in in turn keeps the area safe and almost crime-free, creating a neighborhood where citizens look out for each other in times of need.

Posted on Sept 14, 2014 by Hutchinson resident Christain Aubry on the Friends of Hutchison Facebook page (see embedded post below):

Translated from French:

“Bad news this morning: the rear bumper of my car was damaged by an unknown driver in front of my house, on Hutchison Street … Well, more surprises now because the neighbor had the honesty and civility leaving a note of apology and telephone number on the windshield. I just talked to him. We will fix it and the damage will be covered, as it always should in these circumstances.

Unfortunately, this is the third time this inconvenience happens to me over the past 20 years. The other times (in the Plateau Mont-Royal and the University of Ottawa), the individual responsible had fled without taking responsibility.

In other words, the bad news, turns out to be, good news. I’m glad I chose to settle down in a neighborhood and a street whose citizens still have civil and moral quality. Thank you, dear Friends of Hutchison Street, to help make our streets a zone of solidarity and civic community worthy of the name!…”

“…It was necessary that I share, Leila, as that neighbor is part of the Hasidic community, criticized too much by some. When I congratulated him for his responsible gesture, this surprised him and he spontaneously answered me: “But you cannot do unto others what you would not want done to yourself! If we would all think and act like him, we would live in the most beautiful area of the world! One year after moving here, I feel more and more in harmony with my Hasidic neighbors, which I respect with their different customs, and who have always demonstrated a great humanism in my respect – and this despite my funny name!”

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  1. naftali zvi
    October 13, 2014

    Here’s another comment on the above FB post.

    Veronika Kisfalvi: I had a similar experience when my side mirror was knocked off my parked car (two other cars had the same damage). When I went to drive away, very upset to see the damage, a young hassidic man came running towards me. He explained that he had come home to find the damage to the three cars and immediately called the police to make a hit-and-run report. His car had not been damaged, but it seems he felt it was his duty to help a neighbour. He handed me a card from the police with the name of the two officers who took the report, and the report number. I can’t tell you how much easier this all made it for my insurance claim. Don’t know his name, or anything, but I’m so grateful for such neighbours!