Purim in Outremont: Lies, Manipulations and Obstacles

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A snapshot from Lacerte's latest article

A snapshot from Lacerte's latest article

The Anti-Hassidic blogger Pierre Lacerte has been having field day the past few years on the backs of the Hassidic community, taking advantage of our weakest point – our inability to adequately stand up for our rights and needs in an articulate manner

Using vicious online bullying tactics, anyone who supports the Hassidim or dares to stand up for their rights, is instantly pounced upon and attacked on his blog. He has successfully created an atmosphere in Outremont where the borough mayor, the borough councilors and just ordinary citizens feel menaced and extremely intimidated to engage with the Hassidic community for the simple fear of being labeled by Lacerte and co. as “rubbing shoulders with the Jews” and “giving in to the pressure” of the Hassidic “lobbyists.”

Taking a Closer Look at the Lacerte’s Lies and Manipulation

To expose all twisted misinformation published on his blog during all those years, will take a huge amount of time and effort, but for now, let’s take a look at his most recent blog post and see how, by deftly resorting to sarcasm, exaggerations and lies, he has poisoned the air in Outremont. And of course, the context for his success is the ignorance of the general public who he hopes will never bother to verify the facts.

The “Illegal Bus” Lie: In his most recent post he published a picture of a minibus with the caption “Pourim 2013: Les autobus illégaux ont circulé….” (Purim 2013: Illegal bus circulating…). If you take a good look, you can easily see that this picture was taken on Hutchison street between Fairmont and St Viatuer, which is in Mile-End not Outremont. There are no by-laws restricting ANY buses in Mile-End! These minibuses are FULLY LEGAL in Mile End.

One of the limo's used by the older boys in 2013

One of the limo’s used by the older boys in 2013

The Drunken Youth Lie: In the above caption, to add some spice to the previous lie, Lacerte cunningly adds “… à leur bord, des jeunes en état d’ébriété….” as if drunken youth were on that particular bus. The bus in this picture, however, is visibly in full motion. Was he truly able to confirm that the youth inside were “drunk”? Not to mention that, according to school administrators, there were no drunken youth on the buses. As for the older boys, they used limousines in 2013! If Mr Lacerte really wants to see drunken youth and write about them, he doesn’t need to go to the Hassidic community.

Two Days of Partying: In desperation to dramatize the “lawlessness” of Hasssidim, Lacerete conveniently throws in an exaggeration, “En deux jours et deux nuits de fête. (Two days and two nights of partying)“. Fact: Purim is ONE DAY, it starts about 2 hours after sundown the night before Purim and continues till about 2 hours after sundown on the day of Purim, thats exactly 24 hours. As matter of fact, the buses with the youth are out on the street about 2-3 hours on night of Purim and another about 5-6 hours on the Purim day.

It’s My Turf: Lacerte persists in offhandedly dismissing the non-Hassidic Outremonters who couragously came to the previous council meetings and stand up for the rights of the Hassidic community. He called them names like “sectarian group,” accuses them of being paid by the Hassidic “lobby,” and then he writes how they were “absent from the council in recent years” — as if the role of official council harasser is his alone. Well, yes, if you use the word “harass.” We’ll give him that much.

Words That Damage: There is much more that can be talked about regarding Lacerte’s cynical and disdainful tone when writing about an entire minority community. A simple search reveals multiple and gratuitious usage of offensive and laden key words such as fundamentalist, lobby, illegal, sectarian group, influence, hidden, secret, and so on. These are words are intended to raise strong negative emotions and cast suspicion on an entire community.

Since the appearance of Friends of Hutchison on the scene in 2011, as well as the recent courageous efforts of multiple Outremont citizens in the past few months, could it be that Pierre Lacerte’s tenure as the voice of “authority” can finally be called in to question? We certainly hope so.

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  1. Aaron Binet
    March 8, 2014

    Its a shame OutremontHassid stooped to Lacerte’s level, just ignore him, focus on the positive of building bridges and creating dialogue.

    • Boruch Posner
      March 8, 2014

      We wish we wouldn’t have needed to do this, but unfortunately there are many people who buy into his lies and manipulations, even a Quebec judge recently ruled that Lacerte’s blog presents “important information” that the public needs to know, somebody needs to expose the truth.

  2. Abe
    March 8, 2014

    I definitely agree to Mr. Posner that the true facts need to come out in public as much possible. By just ignoring him like we did the past 10 years we are just causing that more & more people should go along with him and his lies & false stories, we live between all kinds of people & we need to try to live in peace in harmony and stop those trying to create more hate on the Jewish community.
    Thanks Outremont Hassid for your great work.

    Keep it up!


  3. Diane Bibeau
    March 8, 2014

    Lacerte is a low class unemployed failed journalist seeking attention and trying to make peoples lives miserable.

    • Mrs. E. Turner
      March 9, 2014

      To the non Hassidic population of Outremont , for the sake of cohesiveness and brotherhood love, the ball is in your court to try and stop P. Lacerte from trying to cause racist and racial problems in your neighbourhood.

      Freedom of speech does not equate with spreading lies and racial hatred. Our beloved province of Quebec should not tolerate this in any shape or form!

      Due to the thousands of years of Jewish historical tragedies (the latest being the Shoah) this has taught every single Jew to be extra vigilant!!! any non-stop deliberate anti-Semitic propaganda MUST NEVER BE IGNORED!

      This is why the motto of every Jew, whether he belongs to the Hassidic Community or not is NEVER AGAIN!

      NEVER AGAIN shall a Jew bow down to victimization! NEVER AGAIN shall a Jew endure any form of anti-Semitism!! NEVER AGAIN shall a Jew ignore any form of racial condemnation, or anti-Semitic lies.

      NEVER AGAIN!!!

    • Cameron Skene
      March 9, 2014

      Ditto that one. Unfortunately, nothing is served by ignoring him. And most people have lives to attend to without wasting time vigorously and publicly countering the ravings of a borderline personality with a blog. Is he on welfare or family money? Where does this guy find the time for all this?
      He managed to sidestep a complaint I made about his blog to federal authorities. The Harper govt changed those specific hate speech laws a year or two ago. Nobody has time for a lawsuit. Judges just skim read evidence and side with whatever makes sense to them, no matter how prejudicial, with an eye to not getting overturned in appeals court. Even judges have no time for this garbage.

  4. moishy
    March 9, 2014

    guy’s keep up this good work!
    we have to show our neighbors who Lacetre is and with whom we are dealing!
    and everyone has show to support and that’s the way we are going to fight him!

  5. Elizabeth Ball
    March 9, 2014

    In response to Mrs E. Turner regarding her comment “for the sake of cohesiveness and brotherhood love, the ball is in your court to try and stop P. Lacerte from trying to cause racist and racial problems in your neighbourhood.”

    You are right. We can’t just sit back and do nothing. We can’t just be neutral and polite and ignore Lacerte, Forget and their sheep. We have to stand up and say “STOP, its not OK”. Because its not OK, no matter your beliefs, to target a community to the point that bylaws are created to make life difficult for a specific population. Because its not OK to spread lies and hatred that turn neighbours against each other. Because its not OK to sit back and watch our peaceful neighbours, no matter how much you agree or disagree with their way of life, be bullied and treated like sub-human citizens. Its time to fight back. Not by stooping to Lacerte et. co’s mean and hurtful level, but by supporting existing activist allies, such as Friends of Hutchinson and Outremonthassid.com. in the good work that they do.
    To do so, we must come out to support our Hassidic neighbours at council meetings and let important city council members know that we are watching, and that we, as important citizens of Outremont, do NOT like what we see. We must not roll over and play dead. We must not move to another area of Montreal. We must stay right here and fight for the rights of our Hassidic neighbours in the best way we know how, hopefully building bridges along the way. Happy Purim to all!

    ps- I personally called over 25 bus companies to see if they had the minibuses the city is telling the Hassidic community to use. NONE of them had any and several of the companies expressed to me how Outremont is the ONLY area on the Island of Montreal that has such restrictions. If this isn’t targeting, I don’t know what is… All we are asking is for the council to suspend the bylaw for this year while we take the time to help them ammend the bylaw to make it work. We are not, as Lacerte and Forget love to say, asking the city to break laws.