Upcoming Outremont race this Sunday, June 16th – Street Closures

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Poster for the race

Poster for the race

Here’s the information that was sent to us by Nicole from La foulée des parcs:

There will be some street closures around the eastern part of Outremont (Durocher, Querbes, St. Viateur and Bernard, in particular) beginning at midnight on Saturday, June 15th until noon on June 16th. All cars must be removed by midnight, or they risk being towed.

There are many family vehicles and school buses that will be impacted (Outremont public security has been working closely with us and notifications were sent out to all impacted residents recently). However, in the spirit of maximizing the dialogue, we wanted to re-iterate the plans for this Sunday to minimize any negative impacts to the Hasidic community, among other residents.

Click here for the detailed map.

For more information about the race, please visit www.lafouleedesparcs.com.

Thank you very much for circulating this information to the Hassidic community in Outremont.

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